The 1st AI Smartwatch for Kids.


POMO Waffle 4x

The latest version of Kids Smartwatch with several smart functions and AI technology that will help your child to stay healthier, safer, more creative, as well as bring enjoyable and happy moments to the family.
El smartwatch para niños

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Track your child’s health and keep them healthy everyday. POMO Waffle 4X includes a Heart Rate monitor to keep an eye on your child’s heart and blood pressure. The watch also cares for the better sleep of your kid and can monitor their fitness.
El smartwatch para niños

El smartwatch para niños Monitor heart rate with accuracy for your loved ones 24/7. The quick touch technology allows you to pull up heart rate reading to make sure that the heart is always strong and healthy.

El smartwatch para niños All-day detect blood circulation and record it in the app so you can have in-dept information to improve your child’s wellness.

El smartwatch para niños POMO Waffle 4X provides automatic and accurate sleep tracking and will give you the full picture of the night to improve sleep quality and build good sleep habits for your child.

El smartwatch para niños Setting healthy habits early with fitness feature. It counts and tracks steps for of your child daily to build strength and healthy body.


Keep them SMARTER

Exploration and knowledge on their wrists! POMO Waffle 4X provides an Amazon Alexa feature with an AI technology that can help your child with homework, answer questions, sing, play games etc. A translator can help them learn new languages and a Scheduler for building time management skills is also part of these awesome new features.

Keep them SAFER

Always know the wellness of your child with the ME feature that tracks and collects your child’s health information. That way, not only you always have an eye on your child’s health, but you will also be the first one to know if there is anything wrong.

El smartwatch para niños The personal medical ID provides an easy way to access, collect, and manage your child’s health information. You can see your child’s medical anytime, anywhere via MyPomoID feature on Pomo Watch.

El smartwatch para niños This feature allows you to listen to the surroundings around your child. A little check up to know everything is good is always reassuring.

El smartwatch para niños POMO Waffle 4X with a lightning-fast 4G LTE network offers you the excellent way to accurately track the real time location of your child at anytime.

El smartwatch para niños Set up a Safezone for your child and no worries if they get out of the zone because you will get the immediate notification.

El smartwatch para niños Show the real time location of your kids, ensure that they are in the right spot.


Keep them CLOSER

Miss your loved ones during the day? Use the Video Call feature on POMO Waffle 4X to see their cute faces, hear their voice and send them love. No matter the distance, you and your child can always stay close!
El smartwatch para niños
Miss your kids when they are away? Video Call them to see their cute faces with the best video quality. Let this feature keep your family closer.
El smartwatch para niños
El smartwatch para niños
Call your child for an update, or just to send some love during your break time.
El smartwatch para niños
El smartwatch para niños
No time to call? Sending a lovely sticker or text to each other can be another fun way to express family love.
El smartwatch para niños
El smartwatch para niños
The Group Message Feature helps kids to spread love through a message to everyone in family and friends. Everyone in the group chat can send voice messages, texts and stickers and have fun conversation together regardless of their distance.
El smartwatch para niños

Keep them in STYLE

Express personal style in the most fun way with POMO Characters. Which style do your kids love? Let them show it off through their watch background customization. We have many characters that will let your kids have fun with their own style.

Choose The COLOR that be you...

Technical Information

Screen size: 1.30”
Resolution: 240*240
RAM: 512MB
Number of pixels 2MP
Image Sensor MIPI
Sensor Size 5.5*5.5
Sensor Pixel size 0.3~2MP
Video 720P
Accelerometer (G sensor) LSM6DS2
Wear Detection YES
Light Sensor YES
Heart rate\Blood pressure HRS3300
Ai smart audio Optional